June 17, 2024


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New ways of learning are created by artificial intelligence

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The way we live is changing daily with the influence of artificial intelligence (AI). Through it, efficiency is being improved in many industries, such as logistics or financial services. It is also helping to improve medical care by enabling the analysis of large amounts of data and earlier diagnosis of diseases or allowing greater automation of tasks at home and at work.

The way in which we inform ourselves, communicate and learn today is no stranger to these transformations. Since the advent of the Internet and search engines, the way we find and process information has begun to change. And this has increased with the implementation of artificial intelligence in these engines. For example, AI-based recommendation systems are helping users to discover content that interests them.

In addition to the above, AI content generating tools are appearing in audio, image or text format where users can consume and produce information in a much more personalized, interactive and user-friendly way, which brings to the table an old debate about how the education system appropriates the changes generated by technology.

The traditional education system has focused on memorizing information, an activity that was very useful when finding information was time-consuming and not so easy, but with tools such as chatbots, where answers to complex questions can be found quickly and simply, memorization no longer seems to make much sense. The boom is so great that, for example, during January 2023, New York schools banned the use of ChatGPT because “students could cheat on assignments or assessments”.

A new challenge brought by this new paradigm is that of data literacy. Today we are constantly exposed to artificial intelligence engines, but very rarely do we really understand how they work, or simply what we are using them for. Data literacy enables people to make informed decisions and make use of data in an ethical and responsible manner. In this context, it is crucial to know how it works so that we can understand if the answer is correct or not, if it has biases, or if it is not answering us what we are asking it to.

The use of these technological tools in education facilitates the creation of more interactive, immersive and personalized proposals so that all people can truly appropriate knowledge and create new ones. At the same time, they allow to really focus on the purpose and objective to be able to keep looking for innovative solutions to the different challenges of humanity.

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