June 15, 2024


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Colombian Island Receives Astonishing Praise for Its Beauty

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When discussing magnificent oceans, San Andrés cannot be overlooked in the conversation. This is due to the various shades of blue that paint the surrounding waters of this island, earning it the nickname ‘sea of the seven colors’.

Recently, in an article published by The New York Times, journalist Shannon Sims chose to describe the reasons that make this tourist destination a magnet for adventure enthusiasts. Throughout her narrative, she explores the virtues of this place and highlights those elements that make the experience unique.

“San Andrés is not on the radar of many American travelers, but in Latin America, and especially among Colombians, it is a highly desired destination for honeymoons or long weekend getaways: a place in the middle of the ocean to leave behind all worries on solid ground,” she mentions in the text.

Sims also emphasizes the role of the raizal community and how, despite the increase in tourism, the region seeks to preserve its “indigenous identity” by conveying “a deeper connection with the island’s history”.

Likewise, the journalist refers to the numerous activities that can be carried out on the island, such as diving, staying in a typical inn, tasting local cuisine, exploring the cays, resting under the palm trees, or swimming in the surrounding waters while appreciating the different shades of blue.

Sims underscores, “Even if you’re not a fan of the waves, San Andrés is a magnificent place to enjoy the seven shades of blue from a distance. The hills are gentle, and the roads are quite flat.”

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