May 31, 2023


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Arajet, the new low cost that will arrive in Colombia

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Render of Arajet 737-8 (Boeing image)

In the coming weeks Arajet, the Dominican Republic airline, will arrive in Colombia. Likewise, it will reach other Caribbean countries and destinations such as Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. As reported by the Cartagena Herald, the low-cost airline will announce in the coming days the routes it will open in each of the market countries where it will operate for the first time.

Víctor Pacheco Méndez, general director of the airline explained «We are excited to start operations and provide Dominicans and all our passengers with low fares, world-class service and efficient and convenient flights to and from Santo Domingo to the main cities of America «.

In Colombia, with this Arajet becomes one more player in the low cost market. It joins competitors such as Viva, which is now part of the Grupo Abra holding company, along with Avianca and GOL; to Wingo and Ultra Air.

Arajet recently purchased its third and fourth Boeing 737-8 aircraft. R, fleet that will allow the airline to save on fuel, maintenance and operations costs and, in turn, pass those savings on to customers. A common move among the low cost. One of the keys with which the new Dominican airline hopes to compete in Colombia, with its low-cost model, is to maintain a fleet with optimal fuel consumption.

In Colombia, the Dominican will compete with traditional and low cost airlines for more than 30 million regular air passengers. Published by Cartagena Herald, a news and information agency.

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