May 30, 2024


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Stock market panic, Russia invades Ukraine

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5 keys this Thursday
The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has ordered this morning, around 05:00 Spanish time, military operations at various points in Ukraine, under the excuse of defending the pro-Russian points.
The Russian Stock Exchange suspends operations.
Cryptocurrencies crash this morning.
Brent oil exceeds 100 dollars.

These are the five factors that investors should take into account today when making their decisions:

1. Putin invades Ukraine; the Russian Stock Exchange suspends its operations
Ukraine yesterday declared a state of emergency in the face of the Russian threat, and Europe and the United States had imposed much lighter trade sanctions than expected, according to experts, to have room for maneuver and tighten them if the conflict worsens.

Well, this morning Putin has ordered military operations in various parts of Ukraine and the bombings have begun, which are already being heard near Kiev.

The Russian MOEX stock index has suspended all trading on the floor until further notice, after Russia began a special military operation in Ukraine.

2. Quarterly GDP in the United States
This Thursday, at 2:30 p.m. Spanish time, the quarterly GDP data in the United States will be published, one of the key data to know the economic evolution of the North American country and its possible effect on the monetary strategy of the US Federal Reserve (Fed ).

3. Crypto falls hard; oil shoots up
Heart attack week again in the cryptocurrency sector, which is falling sharply again due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Bitcoin is trading at $34,000 and Ethereum at $2,300.
On the contrary, oil shoots up again.

4. Asia and American Stock Market
Negative sign today in the main Asian indices. The Nikkei falls 1.7%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng lost 3.2% and the Shanghai Composite dropped 1.9%.

As for Wall Street, the market also ended in the red yesterday. The closures of the S&P 500 (-1.8%), Nasdaq (-2.5%) and Dow Jones (-1.3%) stand out.

5. Macro data
Among the main macroeconomic references, consumer confidence in France, industrial sales in Italy and several members of the European Central Bank (ECB) speak.

In the United States we will know the new requests for unemployment benefits and crude oil inventories from the IEA.

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