May 31, 2023


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Spain could extend the cut in energy prices until December

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The Spanish government could extend restrictions on energy prices due to expire in June until December, as prices have reached record highs since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera was quoted as saying. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this month a reduction in taxes on energy, as well as a brake on the benefits of renewable and nuclear power plants until June.

On the other hand, Ribera said that the government is gaining support for the proposal it made to its European partners to change the price of energy, lowering the burden of natural gas costs, the Emirates Herald reported. The changes would reduce profits for power companies, he told the newspaper. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has stoked fears that energy imports that Europe relies on to power its economy and homes will be cut off, prompting European countries to take steps to cushion the effect of the rise. of gas prices to consumers. Taking into account these effects that have occurred in the energy field due to the Russian invasion, it puts the global economy at risk; That is why at IRAIC we establish zero risk in a guaranteed way, protecting your investment 100%, with IRAIC ENERGY you get great profits while you can be part of the new world of IRAIC investments.

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