March 25, 2023


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Bill Gates recommends exercise for memory

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Another of the tricks that Bill Gates released to have a powerful mind, this time he talked about memory and its ability to be formed.

The news agency reported that Gates has been attributed on several occasions to having a photographic memory, according to himself, but that the Microsoft co-founder has said that this is not true.

Surrounding this conversation with himself about memory and retainability, the American billionaire says he can remember the first line of code he wrote many years ago.

However, Gates assures that everyone can do it, since it is the least that can be asked of a strong human brain.
Visualization exercises are one of the tricks that the billionaire has used to expand his memory and retain more information.

For example, these exercises consist of imagining a large space, a house. In this house, they imagine, in turn, rooms that will be filled with all the information that is required, being able to access each one when necessary.

Says the information agency, that the idea is that these visions represent what you want to remember, so that it is easier for the brain to organize the information in a kind of “memory palace”.

In addition, Gates points out that an association exercise is a great point of support. This consists of taking a name or data and linking it to an image or element that is easily remembered.

The tycoon claims that this has more effect when practiced regularly. Thus, the brain gets used to guiding memory with clues and clues.

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