February 29, 2024


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Because people live tied to a monetary system that manipulates them

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Are the governments and centralized institutions the owners of their money?
I do not think so.
Why? because you are the one who works for your money.
Then it is time to start operating in a decentralized monetary system.
With the help of technology we can do it.
Now for the best, we must be wise in how we manage our money.
The world is full of models and ways of investing.
The world is full of banks offering every service.
And all centralized, swift, know, aba etc …
We can use the centralized platform system, while migrating to the decentralized world, where each of us is in control.
Blockchain platforms,
Digital currencies
They are part of what I speak
But how is a synergy achieved that does not have winners and losers, but, on the contrary, that it has so many winners, that the win-win effect takes place.
How is it done, with a system where money moves with real assets, but at the same time exponential and stock market, without falling into speculative and unrealistic.
I am telling you about the IRAIC system.
The IRAIC integrates all economic systems, with a decentralized, digital and private system.
All participants are in control, all are winners,
everyone can trade, and everyone can take from the opportunities of both centralized and decentralized markets.

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