January 28, 2023


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IRAIC trains investors to successfully grow their money

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Example of how financial education can transform lives by helping more than 7,000 people become educated investors and improve their personal finances.

The financial and investment entity IRAIC, for several years has become a great success at the international level, standing out in its various sectors of the economy such as real estate, health, agriculture, livestock, energy, education, assets such as gold, sports, retirement funds, trading, iraic funds, iraic plans, investment visa, among others.

Market specialists comment that “at some point in their lives they lost a lot of money, because they had not worked on educating themselves financially and today they know that it is not about how much money you earn, but how much you retain and manage to multiply.”

Based on this knowledge and experience, a commitment was made to share with inexperienced people these issues and the system that had worked for many investors. Thus, a free investment community was created.

The philosophy of this community is that anyone can become an investor, no matter what they do, their age, profession, social status or the way they generate income.

The success that IRAIC has had in 21 years so far in society, add up to more than 7 million people who have been helped to become educated investors, improve their personal finances and take them on the path to financial freedom, through specialists and financial experts in investments.

“Investing is not optional, it is necessary because it is the path that can take you to other financial levels, but as long as it is done with knowledge. That is why at IRAIC, one of the priorities is to train educated investors, who from the first investment they make is focused on their personal objective, financial situation, capacity and tolerance for risk”, explained an investor with more than 10 years of experience.

He added, “Each peso is a soldier”, he has proven that large amounts of money are not needed to enter the world of investments; Through the plans that are taught, they teach investment vehicles with which money can be put to work from small investments.

IRAIC was born from the need to solve financial problems for common people, who seemed to be very well off in society because they fell into that usual common game, having the best brands in cell phones, cars, clothes; but in reality they were suffering from their financial situation, many debts or lack of income. But when studying each case in particular, they opened up completely and showed the most human and deepest side of their being, that sincerity was what showed wanting to get ahead; but unfortunately they lived in anguish about their financial situation. This is where IRAIC starts from this need to transform the world around us, to generate a common good for the benefit of ourselves and society.

IRAIC has been growing and exponentializing throughout the world supporting people who want to get ahead in their projects and business plans; as well as small and large companies that want to promote their development, get out of the stagnation or economic crisis that they have had over time. In this way they manage to forge new paths and routes of productive and economic renewal in the market. Published by Iraic.info, news and information agency.

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