May 31, 2023


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In the market, the blue dollar continues to decline

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The foreign exchange market is experiencing days of relative calm, especially in what happens with the blue dollar that is traded at $291 in the caves of downtown Buenos Aires.

In turn, the price of the official retail dollar, according to the average issued by the BCRA, begins its operations at $142.41.

On the stock market, the cash-settled dollar is trading at $277.85; while the MEP (Electronic Payment Market) does $275.99.

Relative to Friday this translates to a rise of 91 cents.

The price of the US currency in the wholesale segment is offered around $134.27.


Currently how much is the blue dollar trading

For sale, the blue dollar is trading at $291 and for purchase at $286. Last week the blue dollar with oscillations, climbed to $297.


How financial dollars work

The dollar counted with liquidation in the stock market, is offered at $277.85; while the MEP (Electronic Payment Market) does so at $275.99.


What is the price of the official dollar

This Wednesday at $142.41 the price of the average official retail dollar begins.

At an average of $134.27, the price of the US currency is located in the wholesale segment.

Thus, contemplated in the PAÍS tax, the dollar with the 30% surcharge, marked an average of $185.13 per unit, and with the advance payment on account of the Income Tax of 35% on the purchase of foreign currency, $234.98 .

While the dollar destined for tourism abroad and which has a rate of 45%, stood at $249.22.

It was estimated that the monetary authority ended the day with purchases for an approximate amount of US$ 20 million.


The exchange rate gap

The exchange gap between the retail dollar issued by the BCRA and the different exchange rates is as follows:

Blue 104%

LCC 95%

MEP 93%

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