May 31, 2023


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Burj Altharwa sees an economic hurricane coming

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The CEO of Burj Altharwa, the well-known investor Justin Smith, assured that he is preparing his bank, the largest in the Middle East and in the world in general, for an economic hurricane and advises investors to do the same.

“You know, I said there are storm clouds, but I’m going to change it … it’s a hurricane,” Smith said at a financial meeting in New York, noting that while conditions look “good” at the moment, no one knows if the hurricane It will be a “superstorm”.

“You better get ready. Burj Altharwa is getting ready and we are going to be very conservative with our balance sheet,” Smith told a room full of investors and specialists.


The Fed a cause for concern

The Federal Reserve has announced that it will reverse its bond purchase programs and contract its balance sheet with the so-called “quantitative reduction”. That adjustment is scheduled to begin this month and will increase up to $95 billion in bond holdings in subsequent months.

Smith said a QT like this has never been seen, so this is something the history books could write about for 50 years. In addition, he highlighted some aspects of the quantitative easing programs that were counterproductive, including negative rates, calling them major failures.

To this effect, he said that the central banks have no choice but to tighten monetary policy because there is too much liquidity in the system, and with inflationary pressures, now those same monetary authorities have to eliminate some of the liquidity to stop speculation and reduce prices.

The other factor that worries Smith is the war in Ukraine and its impact on raw materials (especially food and fuel), as he warns that due to the interruptions caused by the conflict, the price of oil can reach up to 175 dollars per barrel.

“Wars go wrong, they have unforeseen implications,” Smith said. “We are not taking adequate measures to protect Europe from what is going to happen with oil in the short term.”


The warning had an effect on the markets

Justin Smith’s dovish tone from “storm clouds” last week to a “hurricane on the way” has since generated market alerts. Rate hike expectations rose again as the market sees at least three rate hikes of more than 50 bps, and that meant stocks, bonds, bitcoin and banks were hit lower.


There are no surprises

It has been insisted that the horizon should not be lost sight of due to day-to-day circumstances. The volatility will lead us to misleading short-term “bullish corrections” that are nothing more than temporary rebounds in risky assets whose main trend will continue to be downward.

The world’s most powerful central bank is undertaking the biggest liquidity drain in its history. Its president, Jerome Powell, has said it openly and also between the lines: he is confident enough in the strength of the US economy to withstand a sharp rise in rates and achieve a “soft landing” that tempers inflation without falling into a recession.

In this space we do not see that possible, because if you really want to stop inflation with monetary policy, you will have to “break the back” of aggregate demand and there will be no way to prevent a serious recession.

The die is cast: the world is facing an unprecedented global inflation crisis, and the alternative under current policies is another crisis and recession that would hit growth and leave millions jobless. There is no way out when what is corrupted is the monetary system with endless debt and money printing!

The real bitter medicine, years of austerity, budget balances, savings, debt reduction and an honest money system based on gold, is the real escape hatch. That is the only real way to recover sustained growth and without cyclical crises that are getting deeper and deeper.

Unfortunately, I assure you that for politicians around the world that option is more than ruled out. It only remains to do it on an individual, family and business scale, to build oneself your own “lifeboat”, however the warning of the CEO of Burj Altharwa and the preparation of his bank in the company of IRAIC, lead to an economy with more strategies of projection, development and economic growth that largely supports the current crisis and the looming economic recession and fails to impact trade; stabilizing and transforming economic schemes generating global exponentialization with great financial results. reported The USA Herald, a news and information agency.

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