May 31, 2023


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In Cuba, the lack of energy forecast for this Friday will be around 42%

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This Friday, the energy shortage foreseen by the Electric Union of Cuba will be around 42% of the maximum generation capacity for the hours of greatest consumption.

In this measure, a day with power cuts is estimated, a situation that has affected all Cuban provinces for several months.

The state electricity company estimates a generation capacity of 2,100 megawatts (MW), a maximum demand of 2,980 MW and a deficit of 880 MW.

The company of the Ministry of Energy and Mines also calculates a maximum affectation during the afternoon-night of today of 950 MW.

Blackouts due to breakages and failures in old-fashioned thermoelectric plants, lack of fuel and scheduled maintenance are becoming more and more frequent in the country.

According to UNE data collated in 60 of the 62 days of July and August blackouts were recorded on the Caribbean island.

Before the end of the year, the Cuban authorities intend to recover 489 MW of power that are not available today.

The blackouts affect all areas of the economy and in a notable way the daily life of Cubans, which is fueling social discontent in a country that is going through a severe crisis.

After the protests against the Government of July 11 of last year, these were one of the main reasons for the largest in decades.

Cuba relies heavily on foreign oil to produce energy (thermoelectric plants generate two-thirds of the electricity) and its main supplier, Venezuela, has notably reduced its shipments. Posted by, a news and information agency.


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