May 30, 2023


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Best ventures to earn extra money

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With the fateful arrival of the pandemic, the way we understand some social activities, including work, ended up being transformed forever. A common phenomenon that captures the news every day is, precisely, the evolution of traditional work models.

Now there are more and more companies that implement teleworking, blended formulas and offer greater time flexibility to their employees. Even the debate of a four-day work week, with the same salary, was put on the table again.


The “side hustle” or the adventure of embarking on what you like

A term that has become popular is the “side hustle”, a part-time venture / job or that can be done after school hours for which you can receive good extra money, without interrupting or risking your fixed income stream for the formal way.

For many, side hustle can be a hobby or any practice that can tap into human creativity and ingenuity. Opening a YouTube channel, a blog, creating a virtual craft store, monetizing TikTok or Instagram accounts (becoming an influencer), are among the best known. In fact, these businesses can become so lucrative that their creators end up quitting their main job.

Finance websites have published this week what they consider the best 6 side hustle and economic growth ventures to carry out in 2022. These could help you with the “down payment on a car or a house, finance the vacations that you have always wanted to increase your investment portfolio, or pay off debts”.


  1. Sell ​​on a marketplace

There are very popular buying and selling applications and spaces on the Internet. Among the most popular are third-party sales sites like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon, but there are other options as well. BankRate recommends Poshmark, which offers new and used fashion items.

On these sites you can buy and then sell items from others who don’t have the time or ability to do it themselves. “But when you develop a deeper understanding of the market, you could go one step further and buy the best items directly from customers and keep that profit margin.”


  1. Become a virtual assistant

If you’re one of those people who consider themselves Excel experts or particularly good at organizing files online, you can use these everyday skills to earn extra money. Online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Outsourcely post administrative tasks that are often as simple as organizing the week’s calendar or sorting through an Excel file.

There is not limit; and all the answers are on the internet. Virtual assistants can charge whatever rate they want based on the amount of work they do. Some use online platforms to illustrate children’s books for those who write them or even create family photo albums. If you have untapped talent that can be sold online, it’s worth looking for buyers.


  1. be a guest speaker

Any academic, scientific, or empirical knowledge that you think is worth sharing can be leveraged online with an audience that is willing to pay for your time. Whether you’re a spiritual coach, motivational teacher, design artist, or cybersecurity expert, the trick here is to build image strength with social media, blogs, videos, or published books.

“Find a conference that is willing to pay you to talk about what you love, and then repeat it in new places and new audiences.”


  1. Tutorships

Everyone wants to excel on standardized college entrance exams based on their country of origin (the SAT or ACT, in the United States). You can take your knowledge in some subject area and teach someone how to succeed in these tests.

Tutors or teaching assistants can work from the comfort of home via Zoom, even with multiple students at the same time.


  1. Being a freelance video writer or editor

According to BankRate, the bet is better if it is a specialized field with few competitors. Find a niche to write about, establish a reputation for delivering clean copy that needs few changes, and then expand as much as you like. You can write about something you love: fashion, travel, art or gastronomy.

If writing isn’t your thing, you can do the media equivalent as a freelance video editor. For that, you must first establish your credentials and then specialize in a subject area or several of your interest.


  1. Investor partner

Become an IRAIC investor partner. You can start your own business or be a shareholder in a wide range of sectors such as agriculture, energy, gold, livestock, real estate, funds, investment plans; carries out conservative multi-sector investment models and as a result great profits are obtained, enabling growth and economic development of the investor.

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