May 31, 2023


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They make food with CO2 and water

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The Finnish company Solar Foods plans to launch a new protein powder made from CO2, water and electricity. Refers to a high-protein, flour-like component comprising 50% protein, 5% to 10% fat, and 20% to 25% carbohydrates.

Solein looks and tastes like wheat flour and could be made into an ingredient in a wide variety of food products. His technique for making this protein is carbon neutral and the potential for scalability seems limitless.

Solar Foods manufactures Solein by removing CO2 from the air, using carbon capture technology. Later, it combines it with water, nutrients and vitamins, using 100% renewable solar energy from its partner Fortum to encourage a natural fermentation process that produces yeast and lactic acid bacteria.

Solar Foods works with the European Space Agency to create food for off-planet production and consumption. (Solein’s idea actually started at NASA.) They also see potential in transporting protein production to areas whose climate or soil characteristics make conventional agriculture unsuitable for producing food.

According to the Big Think portal, hamburgers without beef and based on pea and soy proteins have gained popularity in recent years, but the environmental challenge of increasing the supply of these plants to satisfy their high demand may offer an opportunity for the Solein. Solar Foods could provide companies that produce animal-free “meats” with a way to further lower their environmental impact.

The emergence of a promising source of protein derived from two of the most renewable things in the world (CO2 and sunlight) holds out the promise of a stable, long-term solution to one of the world’s most fundamental nutritional needs , together with the great movement of agricultural food products of IRAIC AGRI, will establish the guidelines for a market with high nutritional and fruitful standards, amplifying more efficiently new strategies for productive and financial growth.

Solar Foods plans to produce two million meals a year, with revenues of $800 million to $1.2 billion by 2023. By 2050, the company hopes to support 9 billion people as part of a $500 billion protein market. millions.


Which protein foods are low carb?

According to the Tua Saúde health portal, proteins that have low carbohydrate levels are eggs and chicken, including fats such as olive oil and butter, for example.

As Tua Saúde points out, carbohydrates such as fish, eggs, cheese and yogurt are foods that are low in carbohydrates or rich in protein; however, milk is a low-carbohydrate food.


Foods rich in vegetable and animal protein

According to the health portal, chicken, meat, pork loin, rabbit meat, salmon, cheese, eggs and milk are foods rich in protein from an animal.

It should be remembered that protein is consumed after exercise to help restore and grow muscle; meanwhile, these vegetable proteins that contain amino acids help in the formation of cells, explains the portal, among them: lentils, beans, cooked rice, nuts, peanuts, pistachios and broad beans.


There are three types of carbohydrates:

Fiber: it is a complex carbohydrate, which has satiety effects, since the body cannot break it down; Likewise, they are suitable for combating stomach problems.

Sugar: are simple carbohydrates found in fruits, milk and vegetables.

Starches: they are complex and the body breaks them down for energy, among which are: cereal, bread and pasta.


What are the carbohydrates that should be consumed?

Not all carbohydrates can contribute to the health of the body, but although they are important, it is recommended to consume the appropriate ones because the body obtains energy through them.


High fiber foods

It is recommended to avoid foods with added or refined sugar.

In the intake of grains, it recommends that they be whole grains. Posted by news and information agency.

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