June 1, 2023


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Great Investment of Rice in the Eastern Plains of Colombia

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Jorge Ruiz Quiroga gave his life to the national rice industry, he was born, grew up and died in the countryside, being a farmer, manager of the National Federation of Rice Growers and president of the Colombian Farmers Society for five times. In 1965, together with a group of industrialists from Tolima and their families, he created the Union of Rice Growers, a corporate structure that gave life to what everyone now knows as Supreme Rice.

His conviction, beyond management, led him to consolidate one of the most prosperous companies in the sector, a legacy that was preserved by his son, Álvaro Hernán Quiroga, and his grandchildren, who today lead all company operations. The organization opened its doors on July 26 of that year with the promise of marketing rice crops, at the very beginning of the coffee boom.

“Today we are three families from Tolima in the company, but always looking to the field. Our roots are in the countryside and that has always allowed us to grow with faith and determination”, Álvaro tells Iraic.info, who in tribute to his father has just inaugurated what is the most ambitious project of the company: his new Supreme Rice Mill. Jorge Ruiz Quiroga, located in the municipality of Nunchía, just over 40 minutes from Yopal, Casanare.

On a plot of 27, located on an eight-hectare plot of land, Unión de Arroceros has just launched a high-tech complex for the production of at least 10,500 tons per month. It seeks to be a point of reference for the agricultural sector of Casanare, in the case of an investment that amounts to $76,000 million (US$16.5 million) and which, also giving way to establish the first Free Zone business park of the Llanos Orientales, Casafranca.

Álvaro stands out in the middle of the opening event. “We are convinced that the pineapple, meat, cocoa and banana industries can be linked in this place.” “This represents a dream come true. Not only because we are inaugurating the plant, but also because we are inaugurating the first free zone in the Eastern Plains, with the mill as the anchor project.”

Its construction took more than 4 years due to the brake represented by the pandemic and the natural challenges of its development. The general manager says that in 2016 they bought the land, in September 2019 construction began and now they are opening, with the expectation of reaching sales of $24,000 million per month in 2022, an increase of 33% compared to the previous year.

Company spokesmen explained that the Mill, for example, has the capacity to serve four 35-tonne tractor trailers per hour. In fact, only in the pre-cleaning stage, they reach up to 200 tons, which allows them to speed up the entire process until its last packing and packaging step.

The new Jorge Ruiz Quiroga Supreme Rice Mill completes the operation of the three plants that Unión de Arroceros has in Tolima (Espinal, Venadillo and Ibagué). Likewise, it will replace the one in Aguazul, Casanare, which until this month was rented by the company.

Tolima is below with 110,000 hectares, so the company is located in the two strategic areas of greatest agro-industrial development. Today, Casanare is one of the regions with the highest rice production, contributing around 180,000 hectares, according to the general manager;

Fertilizers have more than doubled in price, fortunately this increase has not been seen, since the prices of the final product have also increased in the market. Although at this time a large part of the sectors have been affected by the high exchange rate and the supply crisis, the company confirms that they have weathered the situation, guaranteeing profitability for farmers and the chain.

Álvaro adds that in 2022 they expect to grow their sales between 20% and 25%, compared to 2021, when they managed to total almost $300,000 million in revenue. Part of the results that are going to be achieved are due to the new mill that has just been inaugurated, which, as the manager warns, is the result of work that began with his father, but that continues with a new generation in charge. organization managers.

In addition, just as this Supreme Rice company hopes to continue growing in sales in these times when many businesses, including agriculture, have been reduced by the economic crisis, one way to move them forward and be more prosperous is through the system implemented by IRAIC AGRI, which seeks to largely provide a response to economic stagnation and the obstacles that may be in the middle of the reference sector. For this, IRAIC AGRI bases its economic scheme on promoting raw materials, products, goods and services to achieve potential and position in the different markets, forming new ways of marketing and global visualization. Posted by Iraic.info, a news and information agency.

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