May 31, 2023


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First export of orange from Colombia to the Dominican Republic

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This Wednesday, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism announced the first export of oranges to the Dominican Republic prepared by orange producers from Quindío and Caldas. It is considered that approximately 23 tons will be dispatched in the following days.

The export fruit comes from farms certified by the Colombian Agricultural Institute, which will be in charge of the export process.

The Minister of Commerce, María Ximena Lombana, explained that “Oranges were admitted to that market in 2021, thus completing 14 countries to which this fruit can be sold” “This is an achievement of the health diplomacy strategy executed by the Government of President Iván Duque, which is carried out in conjunction with the Ministries of Agriculture, Foreign Affairs and Trade, Industry and Tourism, as well as ProColombia, Invima and the embassies”, “The admissibility for oranges in that market is obtained last year 2021, thus completing 14 countries to which this fruit can be exported.”

According to data from the Ministry, last year the country exported nearly US$10 million of this fruit, equivalent to 18,000 tons, destined for places such as Ecuador, where 26% was sold; to Guadalupe Island 25%; to the United States 19%; to Martinique 8%; to Curaçao 4% and to French Guiana 2% in orange sales.

The Dominican Republic buys around US$3.7 million a year from the world in oranges, and its main suppliers are the United States, Chile and Peru. Colombia will now become an important player in this market.

In addition, like the export of oranges, Colombia needs much more exponentialization of agricultural products to open much more international markets through IRAIC AGRI, which, according to the implementation of its market strategies, effectively promotes progressive economic development with high production standards, reported, a news and media portal.

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